The Foundation has so far donated more than $100,000 to families with cancer!!!!

I am without words to express how happy I am to announce that Derrick’s foundation has donated $100,000 to local families battling cancer. I am so humbled by the contained selfless giving from family, friends, and strangers. Derrick’s legacy lives on through each of the families that are helped because of his strength, kindness, and passion for life. It is with complete honor to announce that the most recent family being helped is planning to get married at the end of October, just short of the four year anniversary of when Derrick and I were married. Derrick was and continues to be a miracle and a blessing. Thank you all!
Mindy Dull

NEWS: We officially receiveid our tax exempt staus from the government. It is retroactive back to September 2010. All gifts and donations are tax deductible!!!!!

This year’s Bike For Mike event will be held on Saturday, October 20 at 9am at the Watsontown Elementary School. There will be an 8 mile loop or you can repeat the loop for 16 miles.
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Dear DJD,
My name is Irina.
I don’t even know what to say.
Let’s tell you a bit about me.
I have two beautiful kids, Joshua and payton. My rocks and joys. They are such amazing boys as I go through this journey they never seen to get discouraged and always uplift me. I have the most amazing God sent God fearing man I call my best friend. Soon to call him my husband. Arlington and I have been friends since middle school. We dated as kids. But that was kids play. Life took us into different places. Places we walked apart. But God always always had a plan. A plan that no matter where we walked where we stumbled he would see to it that the love as dear as ours would never be over looked. And it hasn’t been. I got diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer in February 2012. This day was not sad for me, I was so worried about my loved ones. I believe God’s puts things before us to be an example. I take that roll seriously. And I know his plan is set for me already. If he is calling me I am running to him. I guess if I am done here on this earth, then that’s his calling. And although as a human I am not ready, but as a woman of God I guess my work is needed else where. And heaven is amazing. When we learned of my illness, my love surprised me on a getaway with a proposal. He told me he isn’t asking me because I’m sick, but because he has talked to God and God told him to make me his wife. Wedding was just a dream for me. Because I had to concentrate on my cancer. I never thought that a wedding could be a reality. To a beautiful friend Renee, my dream will be a reality, only God him self could have a guiding hand in. I’M GETTING MARRIED 🙂 I get to marry my best friend, my love, my supporter, my uplifting mate. My dear New friend Mindy. I want to hug you and tell you, Your foundation and your generosity will not only help me in my dream come true, but it will also help me with my treatment and this my dear friend is a miracle. I have another chance. The devil is fighting back, but his fight is slowly failing, because of prayers, and my will to want to live. I truly believe God isn’t done doing his work on me yet. Mindy. May God bless you. I am sorry for your great loss. You love smiles on you daily. He would be very proud of what you are bestowing on those less fortunate. My heart feels love so great for you and your doners. Thank you from the bottom of my hear. Thank you thank you thank you. GOD IS GOOD.